Preparing the homepage

Unlike any blog or personal website this series of pages does not aim at business intelligence, it aims at efficiency for companies who need details about working with the Michel Virasolvy Company.

One thing to clear out: Yes, the Michel Virasolvy Co. currently has only 1 employee named Michel Virasolvy (a.k.a. “Chloros”). However personal this company may sound, it actually is a one-man company, meaning they do pay company taxation fees such as VAT when their yearly income is high enough. Anybody, whether on a personal or a proxy level, contacting the Michel Virasolvy Co. is therefore not entitled to ask anything from the company, whether contracts or Non-Disclosure Agreements which are by the way de facto applied as per the translation market Best Practices.

In other words, the Michel Virasolvy Co. is a service provider whose clients are companies, we are in no way related or subject to our clients’every wishes, and any translation/transcription project is therefore to be treated with all due respect arising from any project regardless of their volume: Scheduled, documented, trustful between the parties.

Even before launching this homepage the Michel Virasolvy Co. already worked both indirectly and sometimes directly with at least 3 out of 5 companies from the GAFAM (the “Big Five”) along with international car manufacturers, worlwide IT security firms and various successful app developers. We are very proud of this experience and will do our best to always meet with all due compliance and instructions from these clients as we progress to expand our client base to major or potential future leaders of the IT field.

This homepage should list at least 3 main pages:

  1. The General Terms and Conditions
  2. The Specific Terms and Conditions for Subtitling Jobs
  3. The Specific Terms and Conditions for Technical Translations



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